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02.12.2016 13:29


Strong online presence is mandatory for the success of every company, business, academy, and so on. Why? The answer is simple; online presence demonstrates the level of attention a certain academy is willing to pay to make their students feel informed. That’s not the easiest task in the world. Just like some big companies have the commitment to ensure their customers find out everything they want to know on the website, the same way academies have to be capable of keeping their students updated. The website has to be well-crafted, informative, and helpful. Unfortunately, many academies nowadays don’t implement that rule, and their websites are weak, difficult to navigate, and only make it more difficult for current and future students to find everything they need. 


Unlike them, Gate academy has a full-functional, impeccably designed and very helpful website. Gate online is an additional tool one can use to make the most out of the entire experience and ensure an excellent score at the exam.


For example, accessing Gate online is a great way of learning about different benefits of the academy. You can also get informed about different fellowships, scholarships, and institutions that take the Gate exam score in consideration. This serves as an extra motivation boost. Knowing all the doors that open for you just because of the exam is going to “push” you to the finish line.



Gate online also features a section where you can download the syllabus and necessary papers to prepare for the exam properly. Another example of an outstanding Gate online presence is the app you can download for free to your Android or iOS device. There you create your profile, do tests, check scores, bookmark important things, and get a detailed insight into the current knowledge level. That’s amazing because identifying the weakest links and improving them brings you one step closer to the excellent score. The app also has a news section which brings the latest updates about the academy, exam, and other useful things that every member of the academy would love to know.


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